5 Top Tips for a Faster Broadband Connection

The internet has transformed how we learn, shop, work and communicate and interact with each other. Having a reliable internet connection is essential for modern living and for the future which will incorporate even more technical capabilities. To ensure you are future-proofed and getting the most out of your internet speeds here are some tips to enhance your experience.

  1. Avoid data traffic jams by turning off Wi-Fi on devices you’re not using and shut down background applications, data is being consumed in the background and so can impact internet speeds if you are using a wireless broadband service.
  1. Clear cookies and cache from your PC, laptop, and tablets, a good spring digital cleaning of your devices will enhance speeds. Do your updates when needed, not doing them again can result in poor performance of the machine. 
  1. Get a wired connection, a cable of any kind will speed up your connection. However, a fibre optic cable straight to your home on a single line just for you is the ultimate broadband connection and offers the highest speeds possible. Thankfully Fibre Broadband is becoming more widely available across Ireland thanks to the National Broadband Plan.
  1. Even with the best internet connection in the world, you may need a boost depending on your home’s materials and positions, etc. For example, an older home with stone walls or a new home with concrete floors may hinder the flow of internet throughout your home. If you have rooms where the connection is not working or running slow a Wi-Fi Mesh booster will fix it!
  1. Where you position the router makes a difference, avoiding other electrical devices is key so keep your router away from the kitchen for that reason.  Place it in a central location in your home for optimum effect. 

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