Sony PlayStation – 5 Things you need to do before Santa delivers your new PlayStation 5

Christmas morning is full of excitement and anticipation, and this can be even higher if Santa has delivered a brand-new SONY PLAYSTATION 5 to your home.

Sadly, this can turn to frustration and tears when faced with delays to update and download your games before being able to play. PlayStation servers face huge demand from around 23rd December which means slower downloads and temper tantrums.

Here is the Aptus Broadband guide on how to prepare your SONY PLAYSTATION 5 to make your Christmas morning full of fun and excitement.

You will need:
• Your PlayStation login details
• Your WiFi password or an ethernet cable to connect to your Aptus WiFi router
• A HDMI cable to connect your SONY PLAYSTATION 5 to your television

1.Unpack the console, plug in the power cable and HDMI cable and power on the console.
2.You can either connect a network cable or you will be prompted to log onto your WiFi
3.Once you are connected to your WiFi you will be presented with this screen

Your SONY PLAYSTATION 5 will then begin to download the update

Once downloaded the update will be installed

When the system restarts, you will need to plug in and sync the controllers. You will then be prompted to download and install the latest software for the controllers.

Your SONY PLAYSTATION 5 is now ready to download any games and don’t worry because Aptus has your covered here as well.


FIFA 22 is around 70Gb in size and can take as long as 6 hours to download. Not only will this swamp your broadband connection for 6 hours, but it may also exceed your daily fair usage amount which could result in slower download speeds. To assist our customers, Aptus has you covered with our industry exclusive Aptus Data Exclusion Period. Any data downloaded between midnight and 9am is FREE and not counted towards your daily usage. You could download as much as a WHOPPING 130GB without any effect on your WiFi connection.


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