How To Help Your Posture As You Work From Home

How To Help Your Posture As You Work From Home

As the way we work has changed, so has the tools we use and the space we sit in. 

At Aptus Broadband we have devised this FREE blog to help you correct your posture and adjust your sitting habits as you work from home.

Although, there is not one single sitting method that will work for everyone, there are some provisions you can make in order to prevent long term back issues.

Posture Correcting Tips

  1.  Make sure your feet are placed flatly on the floor. 
  2.  Ensure your legs are at a 90 degree angle, leaving space between the back of your knee and your chair.
  3. Similarly, ensure your arms are also at a 90 degree angle.
  4. Your desk should be approximately 2-3 centimetres higher than your elbow. For an accurate measurement, relax your shoulders when making the adjustments.
  5. Should your chair have an armrest feature, avoid using it, this may affect your posture as you rely on it for support. However, should the armrest align with the 90 degree angle, then you may use this feature.
  6. A chair with adequate lumbar support will allow for natural support and aid with your 90 degree seating position.  
  7. Adjust your screen height in line with your new alterations. 
  8. It is important to change your seating position regularly and alter your sitting position in  accordance to your own personal needs.

Slouching occurs the longer you stay seated, therefore it is important you readjust your posture, or mimic your work habits and go for a brief 1 minute walk, as if you were in the office. 

These tips also apply to scholars who may spend hours online studying. For tips on how to limit screen time and monitor what websites are accessed during school hours click here.

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Aptus Broadband’s Guide to Setting up The Google Family Link App


The Google Family Link App allows you to monitor your families digital habits and control what content your child or teenager accesses online.

The Google Family Link App will allow you to:

  • Set screen time limits
  • Monitor your child or teenagers search habits
  • Manage their apps
  • Lock their device
  • See their location
  • Get age appropriate app recommendations

Set digital guidelines on the Google Family Link App:

In order to set up the Google Family Link App you must:

  1. Download the Family Link App for either iOS or Android
  2. Create a profile/account for the members you wish to monitor
  3. Tap on account and then tap family
  4. Click manage family members & click add family member for what account you want to monitor
  5. Tap purchase approvals and select all content, only paid content, only in-app purchases, or no approval required

How to set up app permission:

  1. Open your Family Link App and select the profile you wish to manage
  2. Tap on the settings icon and tap manage
  3. Click controls on ‘Google Play’
  4. Choose between two content restrictions:                                                                                                                                                 1) Apps, Games, Movies and TV- choose the maturity level                                                                                                                       2) Music and Books- choose whether you want to restrict these downloads or purchases of explicit content
  5. Finished

Aptus Broadband offers FREE parental controls on their Fritz!box 4040 router. Click here to set up your controls.



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