Coverage & Range FAQ’s

This page answers your FAQ’s about coverage and range. The answers are specific to Aptus services only.

Aptus Fibre: Aptus offers fibre broadband services anywhere that has NBI or Open Eir fibre infrastructure in place. Aptus is an official retail provider for both Open Eir and NBI fibre. Call us to see when your area will be fibre-ready phone: 059-915-8030.

Wireless Broadband: Our rural internet service is available across the South-East. Aptus provides rural broadband in Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, Laois, Tipperary, Kildare, and Wicklow. Try our broadband checker form and our team will contact you to advise of the availability of rural Wi-Fi in your area.

Fibre Broadband: Yes everywhere but blackspots can still occur on occasion due to thick walls or concrete floors etc however we have a solution that resolves this issue.

Wireless Broadband: You must be within range of the Wi-Fi Router to access the broadband wirelessly.

This can cause issues for both fibre and wireless broadband on occasion. Aptus supplies equipment that will transit effectively within a single building. The further you move away from the router can result in the signal deteriorating. Aptus can supply and fit a second Wi-Fi access point which will improve your reception at an additional cost.

Yes, for a small additional monthly charge you can apply an additional Wireless Access Point. Contact us today by emailing sales@aptus.ie or calling 059 9158030 option 1

Typically, a single router will offer good coverage for standard house, but this depends a lot on the construction of the house and the location of the router in the house. If you are not getting the high speed internet that we have mentioned, then there is a problem and if you contact our support team at support@aptus.ie or 059 9158030 Option 2, they will resolve the problem for you.

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