Installation FAQ’s

We provide our customers with high-speed internet service, even in rural areas. This service is based on fixed wireless technology and installation is subject to testing by an Aptus Engineer.

This page answers frequently asked questions about the process.

Fibre Broadband: The Fibre infrastructure team will run a cable from the fibre pole into the customer’s house by ariel or underground ducting and install a fibre connection box called an ONT to the wall inside the nearest access point to the house.

Wireless Broadband: The Engineer carries out several tests & the service is only installed if all tests pass. If all the tests pass, the Engineer asks you to complete a contract for the package selected, complete a Direct Debit Mandate and pay the installation fee as per tariff card by cash, cheque or card to our office.

Fibre Broadband: The installation can take up to three hours Wireless Broadband: This typically takes 2 hours.

Fibre Broadband: From returning contracts and placing an order it can take up to two week waiting time depending on the capacity of orders placed

Wireless Broadband: Typically, our installation takes place between 7 and 12 days. However, this varies at peak times.

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