Speed FAQ’s

This page answers your FAQ’s about the speed of the Aptus service. The answers are specific to Aptus services only.

What broadband speed will I receive?

There are several factors that can influence your wifi speed. The best broadband for rural areas offers speeds of up to 100Mbs which will easily allow multiple devices to stream a film or play an online game at the same time.

Is the speed good in my area?

The system is straight forward. It will either work or it will not work and there is no in between. If the connection passes all the engineers tests, then it will be installed, and you will have a connection which will be able to get the speeds available on your package. If any of the engineer’s test fail, then the connection will not be installed. We have one of the lowest contention ratios in the industry which means that the number of users sharing a connection is kept very low and our customers benefit from high speed internet.

If there are a lot of people in my area with Aptus will this affect my speed?

Our rural broadband service is modular and managed centrally. This means if the number of people increase in your area, then the network is updated to facilitate this growth and to ensure you still receive superfast broadband.

Is the service or speed affected by the weather?

No, the weather has no affect on the quality of service you receive.

Is Aptus satellite broadband?

No, Aptus provides rural wifi by making use of the latest technology using land based base stations and local receivers. Our high speed internet is delivered via fixed wireless broadband.

Is Aptus 5G?

No, Aptus uses a different advanced fixed wireless broadband and is not 5G.


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