How To Get Wi-Fi Throughout Your Home

Problems with Wi-Fi Range

Working from home, video calls with friends and a new smart TV for the upstairs bedroom all sound great in theory. In practice, they all have one potential limitation: Wi-Fi signal range. If your new home office is just out of range, or you want to roam around the house while on your video call, you’ll likely experience range issues.

A standard Wi-Fi router covers an average-sized house. However, sometimes the Wi-Fi isn’t as strong in some areas or, even worse, it doesn’t reach a room at all. There are 101 things that could cause your Wi-Fi range issues, though we’ll go through the main ones below.

What Causes Wi-Fi Range Issues?

If your house is oddly shaped, has thick walls or floors, or is bigger than average, you’re likely to experience Wi-Fi range issues. Stone, concrete and metal walls and floors can all cause Wi-Fi range issues.

You may have hardware issues. The hardware (i.e. the router) may be outdated or may need to be reset. Equally, the router signal might be blocked by interference devices. Yes, this is a real thing.

Some common household devices cause interference with Wi-Fi signal, leading to poor coverage or range. Here are some examples of interference devices:

  • Radios
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Baby monitors
  • Thick doors

Whatever the cause, if your Wi-Fi isn’t covering the whole home, don’t worry. This is where mesh technology saves the day.


What is Mesh WiFi?

A mesh Wi-Fi system connects your router to a series of devices that carry the same Wi-Fi signal throughout your house. These devices all connect to the same network and can be easily accessed using the same password. Mesh systems allow you to access Wi-Fi in every room of your home with the same performance strength as the original router.

Unlike a range extender (i.e. Wi-Fi booster), Mesh devices can be placed anywhere in your home and work as part of your current network. You can place them in any room and move them when and where you choose.


Aptus Mesh

We highly recommend mesh technology as a seamless and flexible solution to Wi-Fi range issues. Aptus provides a top-performing mesh system which won’t cost an arm and a leg but will solve your range issues. For more information, call the Aptus team on 059 915 8030 or email sales@aptus.ie

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