Charges for Eircom.net email service

Email blocks on gray surface

Eir recently announced plans to begin charging €5.99 per month for its Eircom.net email service from March 31st. After providing the email service for almost 20 years the telecoms provider Eir has announced this new fee. Eir will restrict and eventually delete the accounts of customers who don’t pay the €5.99 fee. Since publishing this update, the telecoms provider has since delayed this change for a later date yet to be provided.

Should I Stay with Eircom.net or change?

Customers that wish to pay the fee (and keep the Eircom.net email account) should contact Eir directly to set-up a payment option. By not paying, customers of Eircom.net will lose personal data associated with the account.

The decision to stay or go is an ‘each to their own’ one, but why pay for a service that you can get free elsewhere?

What Broadband Do I Need

Don’t Want to Pay for Eircom.net?

If you have an eircom.net email address and don’t want to pay €5.99 per month, there are plenty of free, trusted email alternatives such as Gmail and Outlook.

Gmail vs. Outlook

Gmail gives you plenty of storage and is a one-stop-shop for photo sharing, file hosting, YouTube, and a bunch of other cool Google services.  Outlook is great for work and personal use, and also provides a lot of storage.

Get the best suited broadband tailored for you and your needs!