What Internet Speed Do I Need?

Every internet service provider talks about high internet speed, but how do you know how much speed you need? Aptus will recommend the broadband package suited to you based on your household needs. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!

What Broadband Do I Need

What is a high-speed internet connection?

This depends on the package you’re on and your household internet demands.

A wireless broadband package with speeds up to 50Mbps (.i.e. Aptus Super Plus) should provide average speeds between 30-45Mbps. This supports most online activity, such as HD streaming, online gaming, web browsing and downloading music at the same time on about three to four devices.


What broadband do I need?

If you want your internet connection to support even more devices and users at once, broadband packages in the 100Mbps range are recommended. Tell us a little about your broadband requirements and Aptus will recommend a broadband package for you.

Multiple devices on table

Learn how to accurately test WiFi speed to know if your current connection is fast enough for your household.


What are fast internet upload speeds?

Online gaming requires at least 1Mbps for most games to play without lag. On the other hand, making a Skype call needs about 1.5Mbps upload speed.

However, things like latency and ping affect any gamer’s experience as much as the speed. Read our top five tips to reduce latency, which will help to reduce lag when gaming.

See Aptus Broadband Speed FAQ’s for additional answers relating to broadband speed.


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