Data Use FAQ’s

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about data use and policies with Aptus. Aptus customers can monitor data use by accessing the customer portal. Click here to read the My Aptus customer portal FAQ’s.

Streaming a HD film would use about 4GB of data per hour

Streaming a SD film on Netflix will use about 1Gb of data per hour

Playing 7 hours of music would use about 1Gb.

Browsing the internet or using Facebook etc for 10 hours would use about 0.25Gb.

Online Gaming typically uses between 0.04Gb and 0.3Gb at the high end

Fibre Broadband: Aptus fibre is completely unlimited data across all fibre packages, no limits, caps or fair usage just 100% unlimited data.

Wireless Broadband: Yes, our packages are unlimited. Aptus will never disconnect your service or charge you extra for going over a daily limit. We do operate a Fair Usage Policy (Applies to Aptus Wireless Broadband Only)

The performance of the Aptus network may be affected by a single user who unfairly takes advantage and exceeds a reasonable amount of data. In order to protect the service provided to all our other users, it may be necessary to restrict a user for a few hours. This resets every 24 hours. Over 99% of our users are never affected by this situation.
If you exceed the Fair Usage daily amount, you may not experience full-service speed until midnight of that day. At midnight your usage resets and your connection will return to full performance.
On the Aptus Ultra, Aptus Super Plus and Aptus Super, there are no hidden charges or extra fees for exceeding the Fair Usage Amount.

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