5 Top Tips for a Faster Broadband Connection

The internet has transformed how we learn, shop, work and communicate and interact with each other. Having a reliable internet connection is essential for modern living and for the future which will incorporate even more technical capabilities. To ensure you are future-proofed and getting the most out of your internet speeds here are some tips […]

What is Wireless Broadband?

Table of Contents: What is Wireless Broadband How Aptus Broadband Wireless Broadband Works Coverage Check Ever wonder, ‘what is wireless broadband’? well at Aptus Broadband, we have you covered. 1. What is Wireless Broadband? Wireless Broadband is telecommunication technology that supplies high-speed interest access to your home or business. Aptus Broadband specialises in rural wireless […]

How Aptus Broadband and The National Broadband Plan Will Work Together

  Aptus Broadband will have the capacity to supply fibre powered broadband to over 96% of the country once the National Broadband Ireland connection goes live. The NBI is a government sponsored initiative that aims to supply broadband across rural Ireland. The NBI will install one fibre connection per household and do not supply broadband on behalf of […]

What is The National Broadband Plan?

The National Broadband Plan Ireland (NBI) is a government initiative to bring high speed fibre powered broadband to rural Ireland. Aptus Broadband are currently dedicated to supplying specialist and reliable broadband to rural homes across seven counties in Ireland. However, once the NBI have successfully installed the fibre connections, Aptus will be able to supply […]

How to blacklist websites during the school day

Parental Controls

With Aptus Broadband you can monitor your family members online activities with the click of a button. You can now ensure your child can only visiting educational websites during school hours with the help of Aptus Broadband’s free parental features.  Aptus Broadband also allows you to limit your child’s screen time as an extra free […]

Which Wi-Fi is Better: Mesh or Boosters?

Wi-Fi is spread by a router across your home. If your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach one room, you may have to invest in additional devices to help the router spread the signal further. With so many technologies available and so many brands of each type, it’s easy to get caught in a spider’s web of tech […]

7 Tips when Choosing a Broadband Provider

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If you’re looking to switch broadband supplier, there’s more to consider than just speed, data and price. Other factors can make or break your experience with a broadband supplier. To help you avoid that ‘gotcha!’ moment, we’ve outlined the things you should look out for when choosing a broadband provider. Ways to Choose a Broadband […]

What Internet Speed Do I Need?

Every internet service provider talks about high internet speed, but how do you know how much speed you need? Aptus will recommend the broadband package suited to you based on your household needs. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! What is a high-speed internet connection? This depends on the package you’re on and your […]

Fair Use Policies: What You Need To Know

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What is a ‘Fair Use’ policy? Most broadband providers have a Fair Usage policy. Home internet is a contended service, meaning you share the service with others on the same network. To ensure there is no slowing of the service speed, your internet provider likely uses a Fair Use policy to share the bandwidth across […]