5 Top Tips for a Faster Broadband Connection

5 Top Tips for a Faster Broadband Connection

The internet has transformed how we learn, shop, work and communicate and interact with each other. Having a reliable internet connection is essential for modern living and for the future which will incorporate even more technical capabilities. To ensure you are future-proofed and getting the most out of your internet speeds here are some tips […]

How To Help Your Posture As You Work From Home

As the way we work has changed, so has the tools we use and the space we sit in. At Aptus Broadband we have devised this FREE blog to help you correct your posture and adjust your sitting habits as you work from home. Although, there is not one single sitting method that will work […]

How to blacklist websites during the school day

Parental Controls

With Aptus Broadband you can monitor your family members online activities with the click of a button. You can now ensure your child can only visiting educational websites during school hours with the help of Aptus Broadband’s free parental features.  Aptus Broadband also allows you to limit your child’s screen time as an extra free […]

Aptus Broadband’s Guide to Setting up The Google Family Link App

Young child watching video on laptop

The Google Family Link App allows you to monitor your families digital habits and control what content your child or teenager accesses online. The Google Family Link App will allow you to: Set screen time limits Monitor your child or teenagers search habits Manage their apps Lock their device See their location Get age appropriate […]

How To Get Wi-Fi Throughout Your Home

Problems with Wi-Fi Range Working from home, video calls with friends and a new smart TV for the upstairs bedroom all sound great in theory. In practice, they all have one potential limitation: Wi-Fi signal range. If your new home office is just out of range, or you want to roam around the house while […]

Improve Internet Speed: Working from Home

The Aptus team knows as well as anyone just how important a reliable internet connection is when working from home. It’s also no secret that more people than ever are trying to get the most from their home internet service. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips on how to get faster internet speed […]

How do I Control Devices on my WiFi Network?

Controlling the devices on your home WiFi network has never been easier. Settings on your WiFi router, commonly known as ‘parental controls’, make this possible. But first, why should you use parental controls? People have different reasons for wanting to control the devices on their network. Let’s look at the main reasons.     Why […]

How to Switch from Eircom.net to Outlook

Email blocks on gray surface

This is an in-depth guide to switch your email from Eircom.net to Outlook. Create an Outlook Account It’s free and easy to set-up a personal Outlook account. Here’s how to do it in 5 steps: Go to the Outlook sign-up page. Create a username. You can choose the same one as your Eircom.net address or […]

How to Choose a Broadband Provider

Man standing in front of white board

If you’re looking to switch broadband provider, there’s more to choosing a broadband supplier than just speed, data and price. Other factors can make or break your experience with a broadband supplier. To help you avoid that ‘gotcha!’ moment, we’ve outlined the things you should look out for when choosing a broadband provider. Surprisingly, the […]

How to Limit Screen Time Using Parental Controls

Young child watching video on laptop

Children are fascinated by technology and the limitless uses of high-speed internet. But what happens when their favourite show or game is keeping them up at night? Unlimited data is great for education and entertainment, but unlimited screen time can be harmful to your child. How Much Screen Time is Bad? While screens can help […]